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Franco Agostino Teatro Festival

dal 1999 il Teatro dell'Educazione


Since its inception FATF has been strongly supported by institutions, public authorities and prestigious partners such as Fondazione Cariplo, Università degli Studi di Milano and Piccolo Teatro di Milano.


Furthermore, FATF’s deepest thanks and appreciation go the numerous sponsors which have allowed it to grow over the years touching the thousands of children involved.


As usual, its perspective is projected into the future. Here are the goals set by FATF for the coming years, fully in line with its Mission.


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IBAN IT84P0503456849 000000113709
Banca Popolare di Crema – Agenzia 2 Piazza Fulchieria, Crema


  1. Have Crema become the main European Pole for Educational Theatre, as well as a reference point for the world of Instructive Theatre gathering different cultural experiences
  2. Launch social integration programmes along the lines of the FATF model in other EU countries, supporting the development of services and partnerships to enhance the international character of the Festival
  3. Promote public education projects and theatrical language education with particular attention to younger generations, thus encouraging an active cultural participation of citizens
  4. Sustain the promotion of places of culture of our territory with particular attention to disadvantaged areas, eliminating any possible social or economic barriers
  5. Consolidate the interlocutor network of the Festival involving new schools and associations adhering to FATF main goals
  6. Strengthen the Festival internal structure for a more complete offer in terms of both quality and quantity
  7. Supporting tourism and territorial marketing