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Franco Agostino Teatro Festival

dal 1999 il Teatro dell'Educazione


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Goran Lelas rinnova l’amicizia con il Fatf disegnando il logo per la XVIII edizione

Athlete of the Heart

An actor is an ‘athlete of the heart.’ You exercise, try again and again, improve your performance: but you work on your heart, your emotions, your feelings, as well as on your mind. You do not look for your body record, you pursue mastery in embodying the infinite nuances of a human heart’s actions instead. One then understands the extent to which sports and theater can intertwine.

Both intersect with the game: sports add a competitive dimension too, while theater comes alive as an action based on symbolic language.

Both train body and mind, discipline our emotions, trigger and govern our passions, refine our intellect.

Just like sports, theater is a training ground for life. A perimeter of rules, a target, action, efficacy, choice.

Both are educational opportunities: experiencing theater and sport means testing oneself and then being able to go through the trials of life