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Franco Agostino Teatro Festival

dal 1999 il Teatro dell'Educazione

Franco Agostino Teatro Festival (FATF) is a Cultural, Non-Profit Association. Every year it promotes projects fostering personal growth and social integration for thousands of children and adolescents in Italy and Europe, enhancing the educational role of Theatre as well as the experimentation of different artistic languages.


Un filo lunghissimo e sottile, un nodo, una macchia di colore nel cielo…un semplice palloncino…. il vento lo sostiene e lo sospinge.
Verso dove? Di che colore è? Chi tiene il filo a terra? Quali pensieri e quali idee vi sono racchiuse?


Our workshops have younger people develop their own creativity while experimenting with different artistic languages


Our Competition features performances by children of Lower and Upper Secondary Schools


A magic and spectacular moment and an invaluable opportunity for young people of all nationalities

Street Parade

They represent the closing event in each edition and involve streets, squares, courtyards and parks in the town of Crema


spettacoli alt

Since its first editions FATF has chosen to host important personalities from the world of the arts and entertainment to encourage a playful approach to the magic of theatre for the young

FATF in Tour

Franco Agostino Teatro Festival is not limited to Crema: from France to Vespolate (Novara, Italy), from Germany to Agnadello (Cremona, Italy), many different realities have been infected with FATF energy