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Franco Agostino Teatro Festival

dal 1999 il Teatro dell'Educazione

About us

Franco Agostino Teatro Festival was created in 1999 in Crema to commemorate Franco and his passion for Theatre.

Franco Agostino Teatro Festival (FATF) is a Cultural, Non-Profit Association. It promotes the world of childhood and adolescence through the enhancement of the educational role of Theatre and the experimentation of different artistic languages. First launched as a one-day, Street-Theatre event for children, FATF has grown and evolved with time. Its double vocation has been kept alive over all editions: openness to Europe as well as link with the Territory. Hence, every year the Association organizes a series of events and projects dedicated to teenagers which underline the collective, interactive soul of its Festival.

Roberta Carpani, Fatf’s organizing committee member, tells us what  Theatre is.

Our Theatre.

The Theatre as art, as life, as a bridge between cultures.

The Fatf
from X to XV edition

6 European countries participating

8 Italian regions involved

64 Official technical sponsor

74 Sponsor official supporters

130 Classes at the Festival Competition

233 Classes Workshops

3418 Laboratory hours


FATF main purpose is to enhance the educational role of Theatre as a vehicle to connect younger people to performing practices and art experiences.

For a whole school year children and adolescents are accompanied by teachers and professionals along a journey favouring their interpersonal relations, identity development, welfare and social integration.

Great relevance is also given to the promotion of different languages and artistic interplays, with a focus on dialogue among theatre, music, dance, visual arts and new technologies.

Download the thesis Elisa Lupo – Download the thesis Irene Alzani


FATF and the Territory

Since its inception FATF has worked in Crema and Lombardy, organizing an annual series of initiatives in close collaboration with schools.

Its Festival activities revolve around two main linchpins: Thematic Workshops and Street Parade & Performances.

Those two central events unravel a dense series of events and projects having the promotion of artistic and expressive sensibility of younger generations as a main objective.

FATF and Europe

FATF methodology and objectives fully meet the expectations shared at European level. Thanks to the use of non-verbal languages, Educational Theatre proves to be one of the most appropriate instruments to foster contacts among children and young people from different countries and with different languages, optimizing their artistic and cultural interchange.

Moreover, the centrality of such city-school-family relation nurtures a social heritage shared with other Member States, aiming at strengthening a sense of belonging to the community among young generations: one of the EU founding principles.


Management Board

The Management Board defines how projects are implemented. It handles relationships with authorities, institutions, and the individual persons cooperating with the Festival. Furthermore, it establishes management strategies for economic resources and approves the budget.

  • Gloria Angelotti – President
  • Emanuela Groppelli – Vice President
  • Maria Rosa Bornago – Secretary
  • Giuliana Riboli – Treasurer
  • Silvana Bergamaschini – Adviser
  • Roberta Carpani – Adviser
  • Antonio Chessa – Adviser
  • Matilde Fiammelli – Adviser

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee designs and plans the Festival themes and actions, developing the statutory objectives of the Association.

  • Gloria Angelotti
  • Irene Alzani
  • Roberta Carpani
  • Enrico Fasoli
  • Emanuela Groppelli
  • Stefano Guerini Rocco
  • Paola Vailati


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